What is so special about Global Custom Commerce (a Home Depot Company)?


Here’s a Q&A I did for the company website a couple years ago. I must admit that I feel even more strongly about this place now than I did then. If you are interested in joining the team, check out our jobs site.

Q: What was your “Aha” moment that made you choose to join Global Custom Commerce (GCC)?

After I sold my software company, my original plan was to do a little consulting while I took some time to figure out my next entrepreneurial venture. One of my clients was GCC. During that time, I got to meet lots of great people and saw how special it was. For me, it wasn’t one “aha” moment. It was more a process of figuring out that GCC was a place where I could be my entrepreneurial self without having to start another company. I liked GCC so much that I volunteered to defer my contracting invoices for a couple months around an investment round so I could stick around instead of moving on to other opportunities. Shortly after that, I became a full-time member of the team. It’s the best move I’ve ever made.

Q: Which of the core values influences you the most in your life and why?

Improve continuously hands down. I’ve been a software developer for more than 30 years and have had to re-make myself more times that I can count. It’s great to work in a place that emphasizes what I think has been one of the key difference makers in my career.

Q: What’s some advice you’d give to someone who is considering being a part of the team?

Be passionate about what you do and can bring to the team. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re looking for the same thing in everyone that joins us.

Q: What experiences have shaped you the most as you enjoy the GCC ride?

Our CEO and Founder, Jay Steinfeld, stood up in front of the whole company and said the Autobahn team showed “true grit” as we fought through challenges to finish the Home Depot launch on time. That moment was almost indescribable for me and something I will never forget. It perfectly expressed what I though made the team successful and also why I was so proud to be part of it. For me, enjoying the ride is not about ping pong, cake or dressing up, though I do enjoy those things. For me, enjoying the ride is about building things and sharing the joy and pain of creation with other great people. Those simple words from Jay convinced me that I was understood and valued.

Q: Describe your relationships with other GCC associates. What’s the environment like?

I’m a programmer at heart so I’ll speak to development culture here. First of all, I get to work side by side with some brilliant developers and I’m happy to say I learn something every day. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a voice in architecture and design. Debates are brief, passionate and productive. We’re truly agile and we get stuff done. Our business is fun to work with too. They are super-creative and intimately involved in the development process. When things go wrong, they are supportive and trust that we will work our tails off to make things right. Finger pointing is never part of the equation. The focus is always on finding a solution that works.

Q: How would you describe GCC in three sentences or less?

I need just one word: Awesome

Author: Tom Cabanski

Software Developer and Entrepreneur

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