When I Started Writing Code for a Living


When I started writing code for a living, C++ was just getting started in the lab. C#, Java, Javascript and HTML, the technologies at the center of almost everything I do at work these days, had not been invented yet. My first job involved changing reel to reel computer tapes over night and writing COBOL on punch cards. Holy hell I’m old.

And yet I am not. I get to build systems that help people improve their homes and their lives. I love Node.js, my applications live in the cloud and my eyes don’t glaze over when talk turns to a debate between Angular and React. I help figure out ways to make other software engineers happy too. Sure, I do budgets and I sit in plenty of meetings. However, I still love everything about the act of creating software and keep my hands (and my heart) in it. It’s what got me here and it’s what helps me remain a vital part of the team at GCC and The Home Depot. What more can an old coder (and entrepreneur) want?

Author: Tom Cabanski

Software Developer and Entrepreneur

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